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The AIM Group relies on well known methods and tools to set up Project Management resources adapted for specific needs.
The AIM Group's team members are an integral part of the project team or steering committee and are able to manage the different phases of production: the designing partnership, manufacturing, initial sample rating, and the batch production of sets, sub-sets and sheet metal sub-products.

An Important Objective: Optimizing a Project's Smooth Progression

Projects are developed and deployed within the AIM Group using a multi-disciplinary team (Research Department, Production, Quality, Purchasing, and Methodology) who have been trained in the use of specific tools (functional analysis, PERT or Gantt scheduling modules, and budget management).

In order to clearly define the stakes, roles and responsibilities of each participant, the client's practices and company culture determine the way projects are managed and administered.

These methods and transparency make it possible to supervise the advancement of projects, enabling many guarantees and scrupulous respect of benchmarks.

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