Our Values

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The development of services in the AIM Group has been built on two fundamental pillars since the very start:

Good Customer Relationships and Technological Expertise

These firmly established principles have enabled  the AIM Group to become a leading actor in the transformation and assembly of metals who is able to respond to the industrial demands of today and to the challenges of tomorrow.

The determination to anticipate, innovate and adapt to the demands of its customers makes AIM stand out from the others. We are a manufacturer on the move.


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Good Customer Relationships

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Commitment to Sustainability

The AIM Group is a conscientious French company who is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and supporting green initiatives. We strive to maintain beneficial working conditions for our employees who are based locally.

  • Hire Locally.
  • Control and reduce energy consumption.
  • Improve working conditions, etc.

Commitment to Sustainable Development is one of our key values and part of our growth strategy.


The financial structure and regional commitment of the AIM Group demonstrate its long-term development policy for the region.The men and women who work for the AIM Group are self-sufficient and enthusiastic.  They share one common goal: a passion for work well done.


Being Imaginative, pro-active and constantly on the look-out for innovative solutions for its customers are qualities that characterize the AIM Group. This determination to innovate is a state of mind that all teams nurture every day.


Our customers recognize our efficiency and our perseverance to find concrete solutions. These characteristics guarantee the AIM Group's longevity. Our determination, insistence on quality, and results-oriented approach, even to the smallest detail, are also reasons for our success.



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Emphasis on quality and technical competence are key parts of the AIM Group's company culture. Equipped with top of the range industrial equipment, we expect excellence from our teams and strive to design customized solutions for our clients.


We bring added value to products throughout our industrial process. Going beyond our role as a metal transformer, we also provide our expertise in the design and production of integrated systems.


Our industrial organization allows us to respond to a wide variety of customers and markets while constantly looking for ways to lower production costs and improve our economic performance.

The ISO Certifications we have attained and the QSE (Quality, Safety, and Environment)  policy we have put in place demonstrate our determination to deliver high industrial performance.


Our Customer Commitment

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Close Customer Contact

Because we are attentive to our customers' needs, markets and projects, we have developed the concept of co-development in order to provide customers with the best technological solutions possible.

Our teams' persistence in trying to find specific solutions is shown by our customers' long-term confidence and continued patronage.


The AIM Group's priorities are to adapt industrially and bring more and more added value to products. In order to respond effectively to the needs of different lines of business, we have developed flexibility along with mastery of multiple industrial processes on different production sites.

A Taste for Challenge

A taste for challenge is essential for all those who work in the AIM Group. Our ability to call ourselves into question undergirds our industrial success and also makes us stand out from the others.


Transformateur, assembleur de métaux


metal assembler


Cutting, Stamping, Precision Sheet Metal Works

Our Subsidiaries

40,000 m²,

450 employees